the joy of creation

I am sure I am not alone in reaching a point in life and wondering when life got so serious - how often do we do things with no outcome in mind, no fixed purpose, just for the fun of it?  When I hit that point I remembered back to all the things I had loved doing as a child and decided to pick up my paint brushes again.  That began a journey from watercolours to acrylics, printing to felting and a whole melting pot of mixed media.  More importantly it encouraged me to stop and look at the world and take the time to just enjoy and explore.  Here is a sample of what I have seen.  I hope you enjoy looking around my online gallery.  
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Paints and prints

I started out as a water colourists but now use a range of acrylic paints, inks and anything else I can find to give me the type of mark I am after.  I have also explore the use of collagraphs.
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Wool and other textiles

Exploring various print and painting techniques on textiles eventually led to a technique combining textiles with acrylic paints.  I am currently exploring the use of flowers to dye silk to combine with felt making.
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My passion for photography began in my teens.  I love capturing the patterns and beauty of nature with my camera.
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